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Impulsa Industrial sewing machines - Werkmeister 9020

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Industrial sewing machines

Impulsa Dürkopp Adler

Sewing machines commercial

Impulsa Stepptisch

Sewing machine Steppstich


  • This lockstitch machine is the latest development for long seams.
  • Especially quiet running (9020) new servo direct drive.
  • Mobile frame with parking brakes at no extra charge
  • Smooth hems even on fine fabrics like organza but also for medium weight fabrics
Impulsa Overlock

EXT Series

These series are also available with an additional differential top feed belt. These sewing heads are used, for example, in the NA 2100+ sewing units to sew even heavy fabrics cleanly and precisely at high speed.

Impulsa Lead tape


The sewing head with differentiated bottom feed for the highest demands!
Completely equipped with:
LED light, special presser foot, lead tape guide and lead tape unwinding stand. Here, the fabric is automatically placed around the lead tape during sewing and linked off.

Impulsa Blind table

Blindstitch - for invisible hemline

The blindstitch universal machine is a real workhorse in the curtain studio and is also suitable for light and heavy decorations.

Impulsa Werkmeister 2-Nail

Ribbon sewing machine

Impulsa Ribbon sewing

Velcro Ribbon sewing

  • Ideal workplace design for tape sewing on.
  • Send us your tape samples, state roll diameter and width, so that we can configure the right machine set-up for you.
  • Mobile frame, making it much easier to clean the area under the sewing machine.
  • Excellent price/performance ratio.
  • High productivity.
  • Thread trimmer up to needle distance of 25.4 mm and 45 mm.
  • Automatic backtacking.
Impulsa Sew the panels together

Sew the panels together

This is done with a 2-needle, 5-thread machine with additional safety seam (stitch pattern 516) or 2-needle, 4-thread machine for an elastic stitch pattern 514.

Impulsa Werkmeister-9020

Hem sewing machines and bottom hem sewing

This double quilting table quick stitcher is the latest development for long seams.

Impulsa Sew on curtain tape

Sew on curtain tape

Time saving with 2 needle system.

Sewing automats


Lockstitch and blindstitch are two completely different types of stitches. Blindstitch is based on the chainstitch principle and has different stitch lengths and thread tensions. Therefore, different speeds must be used.
In this way, the Synchromatic achieves a maximum of flexibility and this is precisely what is required!
Until now, the impression was that many processors and manufacturers avoided the blindstitch area because they feared more processing problems than in the
lockstitch process.
However, a blindstitched seam looks high quality and with it you can stand out from the competition. With our Synchromatic you can do this very easily and at a higher sewing speed than with lockstitch.

Impulsa Sewing automats - Blindtsich
Impulsa SYNCHROMATIC Sewing automats

SYNCROMATIC Automatic sewing machine

If you previously thought sewing units were too big or too expensive, we have the alternative at a small price too! With this sewing machine, long seams are produced in one sewing process from the hand and without interruption with a very good sewing result. The sewing speed is synchronised with the conveyor belt that feeds the fabric. The constant thread tension gives perfect hems.

IMPULSA – Pioneer of synchronous sewing technology.

  • Conveyor belts that transport the sewing material synchronously through the sewing head, from 1 m – 20 m in length!
  • With or without flat welt trimming
  • Or with the new patent-pending, automatic flat welt trimming ATAS during sewing!
  • Or as Synchromatic Eco Coverlock
  • No more fraying with modern textile print materials! Coverlock.
  • Created to enable automatic sewing.
  • No more fraying with modern textile print materials! Coverlock.
  • Created to enable automatic sewing.
  • With the new SYNCHROMATIC SAM we are presenting the new machine generation for
    autonomous sewing. Now on machines with lockstitch like Coverlock.
  • Simply place the material to be sewn on the tape.
  • Easily insert it into the sewing tool, e.g. to sew piping.
  • Start the kick pedal – unique only to Impulsa.
  • SAM guides the material and starts continuous sewing.
  • Modern materials tend to fray with conventional welting processing.
  • With the new SYNCHROMATIC COVERLOCK SAM we have solved this problem once and for all.
  • We present: The new Coverlock SAM machine generation sews autonomously right up to the
    thread trimming at the end of the material.
  • The unique Coverlock zigzag seam encloses the sewn-in welt.
  • The result: a neatly sewn-in welt so that your print can be effortlessly inserted into the frame.
Impulsa 3-fold transport double step

3-fold transport double quilt table long arm

For sewing units of large-area, voluminous workpieces.

Impulsa Polsternähmaschine

Upholstery sewing machine

Sewing device E724/12 for topstitching large, voluminous upholstery parts.

Impulsa Ledernähen

Leather sewing machine

  • 1- or 2-needle machine
  • Thread trimmer
  • Automatic backtacking
  • Automatic quick adjustment of thread tension
Impulsa Ring sewing machine

Ring sewing machine

Ideal chain stitch machine with a special LOCKKNOT method which practically knots the thread and thus ensures that the thread no longer unravels. Insert the ring, place the edge of the fabric against the guide, lift the device via a second foot pedal, press the pedal and the ring is sewn on, neatly, perfectly, easily and quickly.
Number of sewing stitches adjustable 8-16-32. Thread cutter, complete with table, frame – motor 230 V AC.

Impulsa Glider sewing machine

Glider sewing machine

Sewing workstation for the safe and fast processing of so-called “Swiss sliders”.

  • Electronic lockstitch angle automat
  • Electromagnetic thread trimmer
  • Electromagnetic sewing foot lift
  • Including 1 glider holder
  • Presser foot swivels out for basting
  • Direct drive via servo motor, 230 V
  • Control panel
  • Resopal table top on height-adjustable frame
Impulsa Hook sewing machine

Hook sewing machine

With automatic folding device 1/2/3 folds complete with B sewing head and laser device

Impulsa Pleated sewing machine

Pleated sewing machine

Newly developed double pleating machine

  • Single fold
  • Double pleats
  • You can sew ribbons under the pleats
  • You can directly fold the top of the curtain and directly make pleats and sew on the tape
  • You can determine the depth of the pleats – double pleats are possible up to 100 mm
    Smooth running and little vibration

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