Industrial ironing machines


Impulsa Industrial ironing machines - Studioline

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Ironing machines

Ironing machines

The STUDIOLINE series with convincing new features:

  • Light barrier instead of footboard.
  • Suction device for “freezing” the ironing result.
  • Quiet-running hovering device ergonomic.
  • Finest workstation design lives up to its status as the best-selling curtain ironing station.
Impulsa Ironing machines - Studioline
Impulsa Curtain ironing machines

Curtain ironing machines

Impulsa Curtain suction ironing tables

Curtain suction ironing tables

COMBI LINE Ironing Boards Curtains

Ironing tables Curtains


For the sliding of the iron, a floating construction has been designed that can be fixed to the wall or the ceiling – so the CL place can be reached from all sides.

The floating construction can be selected for mounting:

  • on the wall
  • on the ceiling with one tube
  • on the COMBI LINE with one tube and two ball-bearing brackets

Motomat Curtain Ironing Table
Ironing tables with fabric feed

  • Insert fabric in front
  • Transport briefly
  • Iron curtain on ironing surface, vacuum
  • Transport further
  • Iron etc.
  • When the curtain is ironed, transport back and fold – done!
Impulsa Motomat Curtain Ironing Table

Curtain iron


  • No water stains up to 6 m hose length – only available from us!
  • Easy to clean
  • Foamed handle
  • Integrated microswitch
  • Hand guard
  • Cast iron soleplate Teflon-coated, Teflon soleplate not absolutely necessary
  • With/without digital display
  • With lowest temperature

The only steam iron made in Germany!

Impulsa Iron Atomic 2050

ELECTRICAL stainless steel steam generators

Impulsa Dampferzeuger

Steam generator

Direct connection to the water pipe without pump at inlet pressure > 4.5 bar. Blowdown tank fully automatic water filling.

Impulsa Dampferzeuger

Steam generator rear

With electric pump and water reservoir 10 litres, fully automatic water filling, 1 steam valve, steam pressure 3-4 bar.

Impulsa Dampferzeuger

Steam generator rear

With motor pump and blowdown tank, fully automatic water filling, 2 steam valves, steam pressure 3 – 4 bar changed in one minute and off you go!

Damping devices

Steaming units Decofinisher

Mobile muffler – D 350
Very powerful industrial steamer, mobile base, height 2.50 m, hose 2.20 m, with aluminium steam dispensing head, stainless steel water tank with water level indicator, dual thermostats, long-life heating element, 3-step energy-saving control switch, with extra wide metal nozzle.
Total weight 15 kg, 1.5 KW, 230 V AC

Impulsa Steaming unit garment finisher

Muffler mobile

Mobile muffler – D J2
Industrial silencer, mobile base, hose 1.50 m, here a bottle with lime-free water is simply placed overhead on the unit, with extra wide metal nozzle, total weight 12 kg, 1.5 KW, 230 V AC

Impulsa Shock absorber - mobile

Manual damper

Mini muffler – D 25
The best-selling steamer for decorators for final approval at the customer’s.
The mini steamer removes gloss, pressure marks and creases from all fabrics, even highly sensitive ones.

  • Very handy
  • Heater with 600 W / 450 W, 230 V AC
  • Ready for use in 3 minutes
  • Wide steam output
  • Easy to fill water tank
  • With tap water, without special salt
  • Water level indicator
  • Dual safety thermostats

Specially insulated robust plastic outer casing for heat protection, with comfortable and handy handle. The water content of 0.25 litres is enough for 15 minutes of steaming.

Impulsa Mini muffler

Eyelet processing

New development: metal eyelets in A-standard
Our A-standard eyelets are made of brass in a special alloy and are therefore more malleable. The transparent coating prevents tarnishing.

  • Easier to emboss due to the special alloy
  • Better to work with due to shorter shaft
  • Transparent coating and very well finished
Impulsa Eyelets stainless

Eyelets stainless

Impulsa Eyelets tools

Eyelets tools

Eyelet punching

Punch and emboss like a pro
Of course, using a toggle punch or a pneumatically operating punch, with adjustable spacer, is the most rational way of working.

Impulsa Eyelet punching machines

Knee lever eyelet punch
For all eyelets with easy fine adjustment. Great pressure force for punching and pressing and for processing all common eyelets up to 70 mm. Kpl. with key for adjustment.
The punch is easy to mount on any table.

Impulsa Eyelet punching machines

Eyelet punching machines

Pneumatic eyelet punch with eyelet feeder
Automatic feeding of eyelet bottom and top parts.
Punching the holes and pressing the eyelets is one operation. Fast and clean feeding due to precise metal guide.
It is also possible to punch holes only. For different sizes of eyelets you need the appropriate tools, which can be changed quickly. Different material thicknesses can be processed, as the pressure during pressing is adjustable.
A laser is optionally available for centre positioning of the eyelet. The machine is equipped with finger protection.

Impulsa Eyelet punch

Sew roller blind

Perfect piping processing with automatic cutting
Powerful dancer system for 200 m rolls instead of the usual 100 m.
Fully automatic feeding of the welt to the needle after automatic cutting.

Impulsa Sew roller blind

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