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Impulsa Home textiles - Curtains

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Shrinking, cutting and measuring textiles

Shrinking unit - for all textile fabrics before processing

An ideal tool for shrinking textiles, individual parts or rolled goods. Optimum steam process, drying by hold-down and blowing device, speed adjustable, thus individually adjustable to each fabric.
Impulsa Shrinking machine

Measure fabric control from roll to roll

MIDICUT – Error control – Dimensional control – Cutting
Impulsa Midicut-Goods control

Goods inspection with cutting device

Basic version MIDICUT with mechanical measuring device (calibrated). Illuminated error display and synchronised roller drive. The fabric roll is placed in the unwinding basket at the back, easy roll-up on cardboard roll at the front. Different sizes available for all fabric widths.
Impulsa Midicut-cut

Goods inspection with web cutting: MIDICUT

  • MIDICUT basic version with mechanical measuring device
  • Large illuminated error display
  • Manual fabric unwinding device
  • Easy roll-up on cardboard roll at the front
  • Synchronised roller drive
  • Mobile on rollers
  • With knife grinding device
  • Manual cutting device
  • 230 V AC
  • Light barrier for transport
  • Different sizes available for all fabric widths!

Optional extras – Accessories

  • Electrically driven blade run
  • 4 roller drive, synchronous instead of roll-off basket at the rear
  • Laser line for special set-up of the cut.
  • Electronic measuring device instead of manual measuring wheel
  • Printer connection
  • Barcode device
From roll to roll
Impulsa Midicut Measuring wheel

Web cutting with goods inspection

Impulsa MOTOCUT 2D Zuschneiden

MOTOCUT — Cutting tables

For technical textiles, bed linen, home textiles, etc. With fabric control and horizontal cutting device, adjustable vertical cutting machines for 2-dimensional cutting in the smallest space.
Enter dimensions and quantity, the programme runs.

Impulsa Endcutter


Standard cable drag device, the cable runs in a drag chain at the bottom of a channel. This end cutter does not have an annoying cable hovering device above the workplace, but complies with the latest cable routing requirements for cutting equipment. Cuts all textile materials and synthetic fibres from 80g/sqm to 800g/sqm.
Built-in grinding device.

Cutting tables

Impulsa Endcutter

Cutting tables

Impulsa Cutting tables with puller

Cutting table with puller

Unwinding dancer for fabric rolls.

Impulsa Roll-off basket

Fabric unwinding device manual (2L)

Roll-off cage open on one side, with adjustable shield.

Impulsa Fabric unwinding device automatic

Fabric unwinding device automatic

Textile cutting machines

Impulsa Textile cutter round blade

Circular blade cutting machine

with foot, extra large blade diameter, 80mm

Impulsa Textile Cutter Shock Knife

Shock Knife Machine

for thin to heavy materials.

Deco measuring device / Deco cutting device

Impulsa Decotronic

Decotronic Pneumatic Clamp Bottom and Base

  • Manual clamping technology
  • Pneumatic clamps with automatic closing and error correction – DECOMATIC
  • Electric measuring device and automatic blade run with strip cutter and patented head addition – DECOTRONIC
  • From 4 m as standard with pneumatic clamping at the bottom instead of hand lever
Impulsa Decotouch

Decotouch with supplementary catch-up beam equipment

  • Large 15″ touch screen
  • PC based on Linux
  • Marking device
  • Pneum. Clamping at the bottom
  • Multi-strip device
  • Autom. knife grinding
Impulsa Decoexakt

Decoexact with base

  • “Buckram” swivelling device
  • Cutting device on the floor possible to use the full room height for lower heights or cutting device raised – this creates more operating comfort if there is sufficient room height or with plinth
  • Speedmaster high-speed

Automatic cutting to length

Electromotive measuring and cutting device.
With the DECOCUT, IMPULSA sets new standards as an optimally designed cutting system for large studios.

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